Friday, November 30, 2012

NYE Choices...

It's that time of year again and Fix Your Face Radio will be heading to Denver in search of the filthiest bass parties to ring in the new year!! With so many choices this year to choose from during the week between X-Mas and NYE, I'd like YOUR input on who you'd like to see covered by FYFR! First off, not sure if I can make it up until after Christmas, but if if so, I def wanna hit up the Fox Theater for James Egbert and Ectocooler! Never seen Egbert before but I know Ectocooler puts on a great live show. This JE track here is a tad on the older side, but still a BANGER!, and I love this mashup by
Ecto Cooler!!!!

The rest of the NYE party weekend pretty much starts on Friday the 28th this year. Here's the options!!

Friday 12.28.12

Sub.mission Brings back the 12th Planet for his residency at Beta Nightclub in Denver!!! Plus, this time around he's got UZ from Diplo's Label, Mad Decent!! This would be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The smooth intelligent hip hop duo is back in Colorado for 2 nights in the  Denver area-first @ the Marquis, then The Fox in Boulder, followed by 12.30.12 in Brekenridge @ 320 SOUTH. Formed in Los Angeles, CA, Thes One and the Double K have been together as People Under the Stairs since '97. Here's one of my favorite tracks-San Francisco Knights :)

Saturday 12.29.12

Zomboy and Sub.mission's own Coult.45 are going to rip The Bluebird apart!!! Seen both of them before and let me tell you-don't sleep on this show!! Sub.mission is still

keepin the Mile High City hot with the fire artists from all over the globe, but their residents are no joke!!
Here's some tracks for those of you who don't know!!
Sound Tribe Sector 9 is doing a 3 night run at The Fillmore, should be an amazing mini tour! I have a few of my best friends going for NYE, but I think I might like to see them earlier in the weekend to save room for the rest of the awesome acts playing out! Either way, I know they put on a dank live show, I saw them at Red Rocks with Pretty Lights a few years back. Here's "Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist"
Sunday 12.30.12
I sadly missed Tipper, and Random Rab's set at Sonic Bloom this year :) I'd love the chance to finally see them live, and ill-esha would be a bonus! Plus, who doesn't LOVE a show at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, I heard this one's dual venue too with The Otherside!!!! dope.

Monday 12.31.12
Okay so as a Visual Artist, I was a little sad to find out that Amon Tobin is doing ISAM at City Hall for NYE...But his music is still fucking awesome and I would love the chance to see it live! And Digital Connection and Future Simple are badass! Don't know much about Seied or Kastle, but I like what I hear!  And just because its cooler than the other side of the pillow, I'll show you a clip of the ISAM too :)

Triad Dragons Global Dance Arena featuring:
| ATB | Wolfgang Gartner | Krewella | Rudee | Ecotek |

Sub.Mission Global Dub Arena featuring | ZEDS DEAD |   | MiMOSA | Paul Basic | Flosstradamus | Fury |

I went to this party last year...My crew was in line waiting for almost two hours. We missed Feed Me, Jontron, and the majority of Joman's set...25 minutes in line for beers once inside the venue. I can say that we did not have the best time. Triad Dragons addressed these issues on the Facebook event page and honestly, I feel for them. First time in a new venue, over 10.000 people, yeah, they were bound to have some problems. But they now have some solutions in place for this year and it seems that they've got their shit together. I personally would not have a problem giving Decadence another shot. A SICK lineup never hurts too :) Peep the official trailer for 2013 and a few tracks from my favorites right here-

Denver's NYE has a new kid on the block- Crowne Plaza NYE Block Party stands to be just as big as Decadence this year. This is from the website:

  • Count down to the New Year featuring Colorado's largest balloon drop ever
  • Elevated VIP decks and cabanas with a sparkler lit toast of bubbly at midnight
  • Several themed rooms featuring cover bands, DJ's, and the Bass Cave
  • Novelty party hats, streamers, and noisemakers scattered throughout the party
  • White out confetti cannon explosion at the stroke of midnight
  • Balloon wrapped go-go dancers on towering platforms
  • Theatrical dance teams, stilt walkers, and entertainers of all kinds
  • Classy semi-formal to formal dress code
  • Coat check provided in the hotel atrium
  • Free shuttle transportation to and from nearby block party hotels

Sounds cool enough. HOWEVER, there's one fact about this party that has me chomping at the bit to be there: TIMELINE!! That's right, our friend TimeLine is droppin the filth at the stroke of midnight all over downtown Denver. And I would love to be there!! Here's his brand new video "Out of Reach"-Animation by Nick Person. His new album can be downloaded in its entirety at

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Exclusive Sugarpill/Gladkill Interview!!

Well, after months of waiting, it's finally finished!! Back in January of this year, I was lucky enough to sit down with Sugarpill and Gladkill for an interview before the West Coast Bass Summit @ Agave in beautiful Avon, CO. Super chill guys, check out the interview as we talk about influences, copyright infringement, and more!! Be sure to check out the latest from their Soundcloud accounts too, Gladkill just dropped his Beta EP and is out touring with Bassnectar, and Sugarpill just finished up at Lunacy festival in Cali.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Michal Menert&Break Science @ Belly Up

No one puts on a show like my Pretty Lights Music cats. I've long ago lost track of how many times I've seen some of these guys live, but they never cease to amaze me. This was however my first time ever being to the Belly Up in Aspen, CO. And let me tell you, if you haven't been, GO! It's only a two and a half hour drive from Grand Junction, and about the same distance from Denver. I will say that driving back kinda sucks at 4 in the morning, but the sick shows they put on there totally makes up for it! We were lucky enough to have  Mikey Thunder open the show for us: that fellar knows how to get the fucking party started!! Unfortunately, I didn't get as much footage of him as I would have liked, but I did capture him throwing down a SICK edit of Al Green's "Love and Happiness"! It's about midway through the playlist :) Break Science was on next-I've said it before and I will say it again-Adam Deitch is one of the baddest drummers on the fucking planet!! Straight Skills. The Break Science 3/5 vid is my personal favorite for sure. Michal Menert...Michal Menert...I love this guy! I think my sickly obsession with Pretty Lights hindered me from really getting into MM at first drop from his first album, Dreaming of a Bigger Life. It wasn't until his second album, Even if It Isn't Right, that I truely started to feel his sound. I can now go back and jam the shit out of his debut album, no problem. Sometimes I guess you just need that push in the right direction :) Enjoy the video's-if the playlist isn't working for you and you'd like to pick and choose which videos to watch, click my YouTube link here on the right>>>

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Robotic Pirate Monkey!!!!!!!

I haven't seen a show at Mesa theater this dope in a minute!  I was so excited to run my facemelter rig at this show! Sick lazer/projection show,  GoGo dancers, Fire Dancers, and some top rate talent! Robotic Pirate Monkey threw down like nobody's business, I was very impressed with their live show. I'd seen them before at Snowball Music Festival, but this performance really blew me away. Pretty Ugly (Daytona x Timeline) opened up for them, but don't get it twisted: they are no opening duo. These guys fucking slaughtered their set and had the whole crowd damn near wore out by the time RPM hit the stage. Don't miss Daytona back at Mesa Theater for Junktown EDM Fest this coming Saturday, Oct 13th. Here's the full playlist of all the video I took during the show. Enjoy, and tell a friend :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

PLM on The Rocks 2012

Another truely amazing weekend at Red Rocks for the whole GFUC fam! It's no secret that I have more love for Pretty Lighs Music than your average bear. This  was my 7th time seeing PL, and 4th year at Red Rocks, and I gotta say, I am ever impressed with everything that goes into his production. As someone pursuing a career in A/V, I have a more critical eye and ear from the crowd, but I am still constantly getting blown away by everything the Pretty Lights experience is all about. This year, I was particularly jazzed about the new visuals and mapping by Greg Ellis aka The Lazer Shark, PL's Lighting Designer. The guy is a fucking beast. This year even had an incredible fireworks show before he hit the stage, which I did get some video of here's in this first clip. An awesome  performance I will go and see every year until the day I die. . Enjoy the footage:

For anyone who doesn't know already, Derek Vincent Smith also has a weekly hour long spot on SIRIUS RADIO called The Hot Sh*t. You can stream them and all the rest of his music at any time from Pretty Lights on Soundcloud

Stayed tuned for the post about the rest of the PLM crew's performances!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fresh Biz...

Well, after almost a two months of no worthy computer, no streaming access at the radio station, and the loss of my harddrive(RIP), Fix Your Face Radio is back in business!!!! Here's a brand new mix with a few tracks from various artists released in the last week, I hope you enjoy!!!
As some of you may know, I've got a new gig going with a new club in Grand Junction, Lotus Ultra Lounge. Super cool motif, badass patio, sweet open air rooftop patio for VIPs. Dope spot. Every Friday and Saturday night, I'm out there with the full on lazer bass setup. We bring in special guest DJs from out of town to support our house DJs Jettt, h3FF, and Johnny G,  and of course, myself: VJ Vertigo on the big screen throwin down an amazing light show. No holds barred, my light show will send an epileptic straight to the ER. No Joke. Come check it out :) 707 Horizon Dr.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Guess Who's Going to Desert Rocks..? :)

That's right, Fix Your Face Radio will be covering Desert Rocks 2012!!!  I can't tell you how excited I am to be going to this Festival. This is my first time ever even going to Desert Rocks, and now I've got the opportunity to cover the event in conjunction with The Spot Magazine!!! The music at the festival this year is downright amazing with some of the best of several genres represented, but I'm sure you all know why I'm so excited :) The Electronic Music Lineup is out of this world!!! A few of the outta state artists- RJD2Beats AntiqueThe Polish Ambassador AKA Ample MammalChali 2naSweat Shop Union...the list goes on and on!! If you're not familiar, you should be ashamed of yourself!! Check these beasts out!

And don't think for a second that just cause Desert Rocks is in Utah that Colorado's uprising surge of sickkk ass bass artists won't be there holdin it down for the CO. Some of my favorite Denver producers will be there in full effect- CrushendoHuman AgencyBen SamplesDYNOHUNTERBedRockk, and soo many more!!! These cats have all had their tracks featured on Fix Your Face Radio, can't wait to see them shred the Desert apart with some of those sexy bone crushing basslines :)
I get over to Utah to party, like, NEVER. So in doing my research, I found that apparently, I'd been missing out on this entire scene going down in the SLC. I'm super excited to see HeartWreck...deCay...Anthony Motto, and SuprTek, and a slew of other local UT bass artists!!! Check out these mixes I found:
 There's also going to be a Visual Performance by none other than Alex Grey, the phenomenal artist and visionary.  In addition, there is a film tent showing DMT: The Spirit Molecule, among other conscious films.To say the very least I am STOKED about this festival!!! And mind you, this post is extremely biased in that I only talk about the stuff I am PERSONALLY excited to see. That portion consists of MAYBE one third of the amazingly cool tings I'm sure I will see and experience. Check out the entire spread and grab your ass a ticket while they're still around at the Desert Rocks website here::

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Long Time Coming....

I do apologize for the show not being on the air these last few weeks; it's always hard to keep it together at semesters end! Today I have 4.24.12's show for all you bass heads, and it's sure to keep you satisfied! I did a Colorado EDM Night, and showcased artists from all over CO, concentrating on three areas in 3 hours. The first hour is Durango, including a few of my favorite producers: Mikal Dark and  Mr. Anderson w/Vintage Infinite. The three talented musicians make up what is called The Night Shift, and I've inluded their EP below.

Mikal Dark and Vintage Infinite came to Sabrosa and tore down the house a couple weeks ago in one of the first of many to come Fix Your Face Radio Presents: Saturday Night Dance Party @ Sabrosa. For those of you who don't know, Sabrosa is an awesome new venue in Grand Junction at which I am the Booking Manager and lightning fast bartender :) I try to bring a variety of genres into the bar, but Saturday Night Dance Parties are by far the best! Stay tuned in on my Facebook to hear of upcoming parties @ Sabrosa :)

It's no surprise that I still have Daytona open a lot of my parties, the guy is a fucking monster!!! Along with my good friend Chris Epic, the two dominate the Junktown section of the show leaving no room for anyone else to even think about stepping on the scene. I've featured Daytona on the show several times during the Featured Artist Block on Fix Your Face Radio, and will continue to do so until homie gets the respect he deserves! He works harder than a lot of cats in the game that I know. Can't wait to see him and TimeLine headlining these festivals I cover!!! Here's the Junktown Edition of the show---

I couldn't very well do a Colorado EDM Night without Denver, and quite honestly, Denver deserves it's own three hour show. There's no way I could even fit a small sample of all the amazing shit coming out of Denver right now into an hour block--so call this a preview! It wouldn't be complete without Joman; a super cool young guy that's being propelled to new heights with headlining show after show and starting to cross over into the festival circuit. I was lucky enough to catch an interview with him last year after Skylab 2011. You can check that out in it's entirety on the KMSA 91.3 website. A full playlist of the show can be found here on my Facebook. With a promise of a bigger Denver showcase--have a listen to the preview :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

SexyTime w/Two Fresh, Wick-It the Instigator, and Dam-Funk

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom felt the bass on April 19th 2012. For those who ain't in the know, SexyTime is the chilled out, bass heavy collaboration of  one of The Bay's most loved producers: MiMOSA + the super soft sweet  melodic sounds of  Sleepyhead from Brooklyn. Their sound and visual performance is enough to make even the classiest ladies lose their tops. They just released their new album, Naked Poetry, which I've also included below for your listening pleasure :)

Two Fresh did not come to fuck around. I love an electronic group with a live drummer, Adam Dietch of Break Science on Pretty Lights Music Label  is one of my all time favorites, but Two Fresh's Colby Buckler definitely gave Adam a run for his money!  Check out the live ish and a mix from them :)
Opening sets were down by Wick-It the Instigator and Dam-Funk. Both guys rocked the house with some hyphy old school hip hop, and I'm pretty sure I heard some Mac Dre in there :) Sadly, I didn't get any video of Dam-Funk, but he is really worth a listen, so I included his 3 hour mix featured on the BBC. Peep Game-

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Caffiene 2012

Caffiene was great this year! I went VIP status with Chris Epic which was an amazing adventure, to say the least! Joman played early but on the mainstage-murked it :) Totally broke my glasses mid show so that was interesting :) Check out these vids of Epic, Joman , Dragon, Xenology, Lexi Fey, and more!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fix Your Face Radio-4.17.12

This week on Fix Your Face Radio, I've started doing something new to try and give back to the Colorado Scene. The Featured Colorado Artist Block will go down every week about halfway thru the show for about 45 minutes. This week and for the next couple weeks the featured artist is Pretty Ugly, comprised of Timeline and Daytona Velasquez. In my humble opinion, these cats are holding Colorado down in the dubstep game. They've been producing their own original tracks for about six years, killin shows all over the state, but somehow, they are still not getting half the recognition they deserve. Part 2 of Fix Your Face Radio this week is the Featured Colorado artist block with Daytona and Timeline AKA Pretty Ugly. Give em a listen, I promise you will not be disappointed. You can check out Daytona's SC here and Timeline's SC here. The rest of the show contains some serious tunes from MiMOSA, Two Fresh(just saw these guys at Cervantes on Thursday, video coming soon :), Savoy, Cryptex, Tipper, and more, you can check out the playlist here. Enjoy the Show :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Night 3 was definitely one of my favorites. I've seen Bassnectar a few times now, but this performance was something I'll remember forever. The remix of Blur-Song 2 was amazing! That's Bassnectar (6/6) below :) I will say that for me, nothing on the visualizations this year came even close to hyping the crowd as much as last year when Lorin dropped Pink Elephants by Dala Dubz, so I included it here for your viewing pleasure. The crowd went absolutely ape-shit when this track and visualization came on. My whole crew rushed the stage, I stepped in a ice hole up to my knee, definitely one of the best drops of his set...

Sadly, I missed Mikey Thunder and At Dawn We Rage at opening Sunday, but they are FOR SURE worth a listen if you've never heard them before. Here's some tracks from them, also, you can check out my YouTube Channel to see some live footage of Mikey Thunder rippin it up at Cervantes last year with the homie Fisk.

I was there for Nit GriT and Two Fresh, which was good, but they couldn't touch Crushendo, formerly known as Slim Thugz. These guys are two of my favorite Colorado producers hands down. Here's the video I took from those sets, plus a little treat, one of my favorite Slim Thugz tracks, their remix of Awolnations's Sail.

The Buddy System is and has always been awesome, so I didn't bitch too much when I missed the next two hours of the festival cause my buddy was havin a puking rally. But really, wish i'd caught these next couple cats. Gosteffects, Minnesota, Plastic Plates, and Beats Antique raged hard and are def on my list of regrets. I did see Minnesota and Satori of Beats Antique later at the aftershow at Sandbar, but my camera was outta juice by that point. Here's some mixes to let you know how they like to party :)

It's such a beautiful thing when everyone gets their shit together at the same time! My crew was feeling good and ready to party again just in time for some sick electro house with DallasK. We caught the last few minutes of some guy in the Heat Hut right before DallasK came on, and if ANYONE can tell me who he is, I'd be greatly appreciative, the schedule wasn't much help!!

I must admit,seeing Bassnectar in the freezing cold again is definitely getting me excited about seeing him at Red Rocks this summer. All the same, rain, snow, or shine, Lorin def knows how to throw it the fuck down!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Night 2 of Madness

Saturday Night of Snowball Music Festival was another heater of a lineup. The Whomp Tent was a little off schedule, so I unfortunately missed Dillon Francis and Dada Life :( But the surprise I had at the start of the day was well worth it! Chali2na from Jurassic 5 shredded the mic over the first few tracks of Break Science's set. *Amazing*. Ghostland Observatory seemed to have acquired every lazer beam on the face of the earth for their light show, and dammit if they didn't have them all blasting at the same time!!  Paul Basic is and has been one of my favorite artists off Pretty Lights Music for some time now, and he killed it in the Heat Hut, as well as at the Sandbar for the Meltdown AfterDark show where special guests Michal Menert and Adam Deitch of Break Science helped slay the crowd. GRiZ also did a superb job of keepin the Heat Hut mobbin steady until Snoop brought down the house. I'm not usually a fan of live rap shows, but Snoop kept it real and got the entire town of Avon high off second hand and bouncin to that Old Skool kick. I do have some more footage on my YouTube Channel than is in this post, so check it out and stay tuned for Night 3- BASSNECTAR!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Snowball After Party Show on FYFR

This week I did an after party for Snowball to give everyone who wasn't fortunate enough to go a little taste of what they missed. The first hour so was dedicated to all the artists that were new to me that really brought the fire, and second hour was just a lot of my favorites from the festival. Check out the playlist here. Enjoy!!

Night 1 of Madness...

We were prepared for the first night of Snowball Music Festival this year a hell of a lot more than last year!! The lineup Friday didn't leave a lot of time between the acts I really wanted to see, and sadly, I did miss Helicopter Showdown, Flashlights, and Hollagramz, and Thick Chick. What I was able to see did blow my mind though! MiMOSA, MartyParty, and Gramatik were my Friday picks for sure!!  I was on stage with MartyParty and got some awesome footage close up, but it's in a few different clips; I'll be editing in the next week and have it out in the highlights video I will release in a week or so. For now, enjoy these!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Glitchy Goodness

I got some amazing news this week! Finally got my Photo Credentials for Snowball Music Festival 2012 in Avon, CO. Me and the whole GFUC posse went last year and had a blast! The lineup this year is equally impressive-quite a few of my favorite players in the Bass Scene! Check out the customized lineup I made here. These are all the artists I will be snaggin video of at the festival and hopefully an interview or two :) You have all been patiently waiting for my Sugarpill/Gladkill interview-I promise it will be out soon!! This week on the show, I did the first installment of the Snowball PreParty, playin a few tracks from some of my favorites on the bill this year. You can check out the playlist here. I split the show into two tracks to make it easier for you to download, so listen, enjoy, and stay tuned :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Night of Bass to Remember Forever...

What an amazing show!! Avon, CO felt the bass @ Agave on 1.20.2012. Part of a two night run thru the mountains, kLL sMTH opened with some serious heaterz, followed by thick heavy sets from  Sugarpill and Gladkill, who were awesome enough to come by the makeshift studio and do an EXCLUSIVE interview with FIX YOUR FACE RADIO which I'll have all finished and posted in the coming weeks!! In the meantime, here's some sexy bass for your ears!! Enjoy!!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

NYE week shows pt 1

Finally starting to get some of my videos from NYE week up, check out my Youtube channel here to see all my videos so far from SKYLAB 2011, Mikey Thunders Birthday Bash @Cervantes, Pretty Lights w/ Porter Robinson, and NYE Decadence

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Miss the Show? No Problem :)

Here you can stream and download last week's FYFR show! You can find the track listing here.. This week I a recap of the Sugarpill/Gladkill/kLL sMTH show I went to in Avon, CO on 1.20.12. (EXCLUSIVE FYFR INTERVIEW W/ SUGARPILL/GLADKILL COMING SOON!!! :) Then a preview of the Winter Womp fest @ Mesa Theater in Grand Junction, which was amazing! J.Wail, Evenflo, Daytona, Chris Epic, Funk10- so sick. I have some video I'll be posting soon of that show aswell :) Enjoy, Share, Download!!!