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Lucid Visions Video is a subsidiary of Fix Your Face Radio and the collaborative efforts of myself and VJ Coltrain. We specialize in projection mapping and visuals for killer custom built stages. Our creativity holds no barriers, if you can dream it, we can build it. Specialty lighting can add a serious upgrade to any event, no matter the genre. We have made stages for EDM events, rock shows, corporate events, indoor, outdoor, you name it. Combined we have over 15 years experience and can hold our own in any size arena, yet still are very affordable. Send us a message on our FB page, or call us directly for a quote @ 970.216.4680.

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Here's an install at Fusion Factory from 9/27/2014. I constructed the two robots and projection mapped video on top of them.

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My first party in Denver with SeifhauS

OG Status
Robotic Pirate Monkey
Kill Paris

Boom Kastle: Daytona / Jontron
White Hall Building GJ,CO

Pride Festival White Party
Pretty Ugly

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