Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Caffiene 2012

Caffiene was great this year! I went VIP status with Chris Epic which was an amazing adventure, to say the least! Joman played early but on the mainstage-murked it :) Totally broke my glasses mid show so that was interesting :) Check out these vids of Epic, Joman , Dragon, Xenology, Lexi Fey, and more!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fix Your Face Radio-4.17.12

This week on Fix Your Face Radio, I've started doing something new to try and give back to the Colorado Scene. The Featured Colorado Artist Block will go down every week about halfway thru the show for about 45 minutes. This week and for the next couple weeks the featured artist is Pretty Ugly, comprised of Timeline and Daytona Velasquez. In my humble opinion, these cats are holding Colorado down in the dubstep game. They've been producing their own original tracks for about six years, killin shows all over the state, but somehow, they are still not getting half the recognition they deserve. Part 2 of Fix Your Face Radio this week is the Featured Colorado artist block with Daytona and Timeline AKA Pretty Ugly. Give em a listen, I promise you will not be disappointed. You can check out Daytona's SC here and Timeline's SC here. The rest of the show contains some serious tunes from MiMOSA, Two Fresh(just saw these guys at Cervantes on Thursday, video coming soon :), Savoy, Cryptex, Tipper, and more, you can check out the playlist here. Enjoy the Show :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Night 3 was definitely one of my favorites. I've seen Bassnectar a few times now, but this performance was something I'll remember forever. The remix of Blur-Song 2 was amazing! That's Bassnectar (6/6) below :) I will say that for me, nothing on the visualizations this year came even close to hyping the crowd as much as last year when Lorin dropped Pink Elephants by Dala Dubz, so I included it here for your viewing pleasure. The crowd went absolutely ape-shit when this track and visualization came on. My whole crew rushed the stage, I stepped in a ice hole up to my knee, definitely one of the best drops of his set...

Sadly, I missed Mikey Thunder and At Dawn We Rage at opening Sunday, but they are FOR SURE worth a listen if you've never heard them before. Here's some tracks from them, also, you can check out my YouTube Channel to see some live footage of Mikey Thunder rippin it up at Cervantes last year with the homie Fisk.

I was there for Nit GriT and Two Fresh, which was good, but they couldn't touch Crushendo, formerly known as Slim Thugz. These guys are two of my favorite Colorado producers hands down. Here's the video I took from those sets, plus a little treat, one of my favorite Slim Thugz tracks, their remix of Awolnations's Sail.

The Buddy System is and has always been awesome, so I didn't bitch too much when I missed the next two hours of the festival cause my buddy was havin a puking rally. But really, wish i'd caught these next couple cats. Gosteffects, Minnesota, Plastic Plates, and Beats Antique raged hard and are def on my list of regrets. I did see Minnesota and Satori of Beats Antique later at the aftershow at Sandbar, but my camera was outta juice by that point. Here's some mixes to let you know how they like to party :)

It's such a beautiful thing when everyone gets their shit together at the same time! My crew was feeling good and ready to party again just in time for some sick electro house with DallasK. We caught the last few minutes of some guy in the Heat Hut right before DallasK came on, and if ANYONE can tell me who he is, I'd be greatly appreciative, the schedule wasn't much help!!

I must admit,seeing Bassnectar in the freezing cold again is definitely getting me excited about seeing him at Red Rocks this summer. All the same, rain, snow, or shine, Lorin def knows how to throw it the fuck down!!!