Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Night 2 of Madness

Saturday Night of Snowball Music Festival was another heater of a lineup. The Whomp Tent was a little off schedule, so I unfortunately missed Dillon Francis and Dada Life :( But the surprise I had at the start of the day was well worth it! Chali2na from Jurassic 5 shredded the mic over the first few tracks of Break Science's set. *Amazing*. Ghostland Observatory seemed to have acquired every lazer beam on the face of the earth for their light show, and dammit if they didn't have them all blasting at the same time!!  Paul Basic is and has been one of my favorite artists off Pretty Lights Music for some time now, and he killed it in the Heat Hut, as well as at the Sandbar for the Meltdown AfterDark show where special guests Michal Menert and Adam Deitch of Break Science helped slay the crowd. GRiZ also did a superb job of keepin the Heat Hut mobbin steady until Snoop brought down the house. I'm not usually a fan of live rap shows, but Snoop kept it real and got the entire town of Avon high off second hand and bouncin to that Old Skool kick. I do have some more footage on my YouTube Channel than is in this post, so check it out and stay tuned for Night 3- BASSNECTAR!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Snowball After Party Show on FYFR

This week I did an after party for Snowball to give everyone who wasn't fortunate enough to go a little taste of what they missed. The first hour so was dedicated to all the artists that were new to me that really brought the fire, and second hour was just a lot of my favorites from the festival. Check out the playlist here. Enjoy!!

Night 1 of Madness...

We were prepared for the first night of Snowball Music Festival this year a hell of a lot more than last year!! The lineup Friday didn't leave a lot of time between the acts I really wanted to see, and sadly, I did miss Helicopter Showdown, Flashlights, and Hollagramz, and Thick Chick. What I was able to see did blow my mind though! MiMOSA, MartyParty, and Gramatik were my Friday picks for sure!!  I was on stage with MartyParty and got some awesome footage close up, but it's in a few different clips; I'll be editing in the next week and have it out in the highlights video I will release in a week or so. For now, enjoy these!!!