November 14th 2013

iLL.Gates | Mesa Theater and Club
Local Support from:
KillSign Kilo | Chamber Bot
Custom Lighting and Projection Mapping:
Lucid Visions Video

Dylan Harris aka iLL.Gates was by far one of the coolest artists I have had the pleasure of working with thus far. And he was definitely surprised by how hard our Junktown crew threw down. Over 500 people came out to show their love for BASS on a Thursday Night. This was the first show I brought in all moving head lights with GOBOs plus projection mapping with the 10,000 lumen projector, all thanks to my lucrative position at Snob Productions. This show also received some great press in The Daily Sentinel in the On The Goe music blog in the Out and About section which you may read in its entirety HERE. KillSign Kilo and Chamber Bot killed it on the opening slots, check out some of the show footage here, or head to my YouTube Channel to check out the rest :)

May 4th 2013

The Booty Snatch Tour | Mesa Theater and Club
Robotic Pirate Monkey | R/D | Alpha Data
Local Support from Daytona | djLAZULi

The second time RPM came to town, by far a huge upgrade. They had their own lighting designer on this leg of the Colorado tour, and let me tell you, it was badass. 6 Martin MAC 700s and 6 Martin LED 101 washes, all intelligent movers, and a $50,000 dollar Road Hawg lighting board. I was a little jealous to say the least :) The guys were still gracious enough to let me do projection mapping for them on the DJ booth, so there's MY custom BOOTY SNATCH prop the I built. I heard they used it at the Fox in Boulder the next week. I seriously hope they gave me some credit for it or at least let me light it up for them at Sonic Bloom this year. Alpha Data SHREDDED the crowd, surprisingly awesome for me as I was worried about the tour's last minute roster change to him from Freddy Todd. I personally was most excited for R/D, one of my all time favorites and he absolutely crushed his set with sexy smooth rhythms of Lovestep intermixed with some crunchy basslines and serious drops. Enjoy some footage for now until I get the edited recap videos all cut up and mastered :)

April 27th 2013

OG Status | Chris Epic | Chamber Bot

Mesa Theater and Club | Grand Junction, CO

Another solid installment of EDM@MTC, I was able to snatch up OG Status after a night in Durango at The Summit. Months earlier I had interviewed their then sax player, Clark Smith also of DYNOHUNTER. By the time they got to Grand Junction however, the trio had split to a duo consisting of Julian Garland formerly of Crushendo/Slim Thugz, with Colby Buckler of TWO FRESH on drums. I also was proud to debut the long awaited return to the stage of my very good friend Chris Epic. One half of Chamber Bot, my homie Chad Harris, opened the main stage with electro house, so the progression of genres was definitely an eclectic treat for EDM fans in the Junk.

March 2nd 2013
Mesa Theater and Club | Grand Junction, CO

This show was the one where all my hard work and effort finally paid off. I had plenty of time to promote, commercial in rotation, posters distributed, and internet hype up all a month in advance! I unveiled the first Lucid Visions Video projection mapped stage, we had a Grassroots merch booth, plus a couple of my favorite homies from Denver, Colorado: Samples and FISK, performing together once again as Fresh2Death. Daytona of Pretty Ugly and Zionexx opened on the main stage of Mesa Theater and attendance was huge with over 350 heads in the door, not shit compared to a Denver show, but for Grand Junction, this was a great turnout.  

February 9th 2013

Echo Dafunk | DJ Strangefellow | Chamber Bot
Mesa Theater and Club | Grand Junction, CO

I'll be the first to admit, this show was a bust. I didn't have a whole lot of time to promote, and while all artists are quite talented, name recognition just wasn't big enough to pull strangers in the door. All the same, we had a lot of fun, and that's what counts. I have brought Echo Dafunk down from his stomping grounds of Aspen, Colorado a more a few occassions, his sleek turntablism is what immediately attracted me to his sound. His annual Whomper in the Water Party help at the Aspen Recreational Center is a for sure blast of fun. Big Bass, At a Water Park, with tons of beer and half naked girls. What could possibly be wrong with that situation? Exactly. I've worked with DJ Strangefellow on a handful of parties such as KAFM's annuals Zombie Prom, and Radio Soul Train parties.
Chamber Bot consists of 2 very good friends of mine, Chad Harris and Laura Courteney. Their unique blend of Electro and Moombahton hails straight from Albuquerque, New Mexcico.

January 26th 2013

The Digital Connection | JOMAN | Zionexx
Mesa Theater and Club | Grand Junction ,CO

This was my first show at Mesa Theater as the sole promoter and the debut of my Fix Your Face Lazer Patrol rig. The turnout was decent  and everyone there had an amazing  time, all in all a success for sure. I have seen both The Digital Connection several times live, and Joman multiple times. I interviewed Joman for KMSA 91.3FM at Skylab 2011, you can read that interview in it's entirety here. Digital Connection aka Ricky Shine has continued to rock venues all over the west coast, just finishing up a multi-state tour including the Gem and Jam Festival here in early 2013. 

December 14th 2013 

Kill Paris | Daytona | Pherexis
Mesa Theater and Club | GJ, CO

A show I did with Dubliminal ENT.
Out of all the people on this flyer, I do believe the only ones to play we're KP, Daytona, and Pherexis. Vexare, the 16 year old dubstep prodigy never made it due to a traveling issue. Distinct's baby arrived early, the whole show was a mess from the start organization wise, but that didn't stop us from having a great time. I unveiled my first projection mapped stage at this show, and I was lucky enough to catch Kill Paris doing a stage dive. This show received a lot of love from the press. The Mesa State Criterion: Fixing Faces for a Living and it was also in the Daily Sentinel newspaper, you can read the article in its entirety here: On The Goe: Musical Holy Trinity in GJ

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