Sunday, May 27, 2012

Guess Who's Going to Desert Rocks..? :)

That's right, Fix Your Face Radio will be covering Desert Rocks 2012!!!  I can't tell you how excited I am to be going to this Festival. This is my first time ever even going to Desert Rocks, and now I've got the opportunity to cover the event in conjunction with The Spot Magazine!!! The music at the festival this year is downright amazing with some of the best of several genres represented, but I'm sure you all know why I'm so excited :) The Electronic Music Lineup is out of this world!!! A few of the outta state artists- RJD2Beats AntiqueThe Polish Ambassador AKA Ample MammalChali 2naSweat Shop Union...the list goes on and on!! If you're not familiar, you should be ashamed of yourself!! Check these beasts out!

And don't think for a second that just cause Desert Rocks is in Utah that Colorado's uprising surge of sickkk ass bass artists won't be there holdin it down for the CO. Some of my favorite Denver producers will be there in full effect- CrushendoHuman AgencyBen SamplesDYNOHUNTERBedRockk, and soo many more!!! These cats have all had their tracks featured on Fix Your Face Radio, can't wait to see them shred the Desert apart with some of those sexy bone crushing basslines :)
I get over to Utah to party, like, NEVER. So in doing my research, I found that apparently, I'd been missing out on this entire scene going down in the SLC. I'm super excited to see HeartWreck...deCay...Anthony Motto, and SuprTek, and a slew of other local UT bass artists!!! Check out these mixes I found:
 There's also going to be a Visual Performance by none other than Alex Grey, the phenomenal artist and visionary.  In addition, there is a film tent showing DMT: The Spirit Molecule, among other conscious films.To say the very least I am STOKED about this festival!!! And mind you, this post is extremely biased in that I only talk about the stuff I am PERSONALLY excited to see. That portion consists of MAYBE one third of the amazingly cool tings I'm sure I will see and experience. Check out the entire spread and grab your ass a ticket while they're still around at the Desert Rocks website here::

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Long Time Coming....

I do apologize for the show not being on the air these last few weeks; it's always hard to keep it together at semesters end! Today I have 4.24.12's show for all you bass heads, and it's sure to keep you satisfied! I did a Colorado EDM Night, and showcased artists from all over CO, concentrating on three areas in 3 hours. The first hour is Durango, including a few of my favorite producers: Mikal Dark and  Mr. Anderson w/Vintage Infinite. The three talented musicians make up what is called The Night Shift, and I've inluded their EP below.

Mikal Dark and Vintage Infinite came to Sabrosa and tore down the house a couple weeks ago in one of the first of many to come Fix Your Face Radio Presents: Saturday Night Dance Party @ Sabrosa. For those of you who don't know, Sabrosa is an awesome new venue in Grand Junction at which I am the Booking Manager and lightning fast bartender :) I try to bring a variety of genres into the bar, but Saturday Night Dance Parties are by far the best! Stay tuned in on my Facebook to hear of upcoming parties @ Sabrosa :)

It's no surprise that I still have Daytona open a lot of my parties, the guy is a fucking monster!!! Along with my good friend Chris Epic, the two dominate the Junktown section of the show leaving no room for anyone else to even think about stepping on the scene. I've featured Daytona on the show several times during the Featured Artist Block on Fix Your Face Radio, and will continue to do so until homie gets the respect he deserves! He works harder than a lot of cats in the game that I know. Can't wait to see him and TimeLine headlining these festivals I cover!!! Here's the Junktown Edition of the show---

I couldn't very well do a Colorado EDM Night without Denver, and quite honestly, Denver deserves it's own three hour show. There's no way I could even fit a small sample of all the amazing shit coming out of Denver right now into an hour block--so call this a preview! It wouldn't be complete without Joman; a super cool young guy that's being propelled to new heights with headlining show after show and starting to cross over into the festival circuit. I was lucky enough to catch an interview with him last year after Skylab 2011. You can check that out in it's entirety on the KMSA 91.3 website. A full playlist of the show can be found here on my Facebook. With a promise of a bigger Denver showcase--have a listen to the preview :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

SexyTime w/Two Fresh, Wick-It the Instigator, and Dam-Funk

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom felt the bass on April 19th 2012. For those who ain't in the know, SexyTime is the chilled out, bass heavy collaboration of  one of The Bay's most loved producers: MiMOSA + the super soft sweet  melodic sounds of  Sleepyhead from Brooklyn. Their sound and visual performance is enough to make even the classiest ladies lose their tops. They just released their new album, Naked Poetry, which I've also included below for your listening pleasure :)

Two Fresh did not come to fuck around. I love an electronic group with a live drummer, Adam Dietch of Break Science on Pretty Lights Music Label  is one of my all time favorites, but Two Fresh's Colby Buckler definitely gave Adam a run for his money!  Check out the live ish and a mix from them :)
Opening sets were down by Wick-It the Instigator and Dam-Funk. Both guys rocked the house with some hyphy old school hip hop, and I'm pretty sure I heard some Mac Dre in there :) Sadly, I didn't get any video of Dam-Funk, but he is really worth a listen, so I included his 3 hour mix featured on the BBC. Peep Game-