Wednesday, September 26, 2012

PLM on The Rocks 2012

Another truely amazing weekend at Red Rocks for the whole GFUC fam! It's no secret that I have more love for Pretty Lighs Music than your average bear. This  was my 7th time seeing PL, and 4th year at Red Rocks, and I gotta say, I am ever impressed with everything that goes into his production. As someone pursuing a career in A/V, I have a more critical eye and ear from the crowd, but I am still constantly getting blown away by everything the Pretty Lights experience is all about. This year, I was particularly jazzed about the new visuals and mapping by Greg Ellis aka The Lazer Shark, PL's Lighting Designer. The guy is a fucking beast. This year even had an incredible fireworks show before he hit the stage, which I did get some video of here's in this first clip. An awesome  performance I will go and see every year until the day I die. . Enjoy the footage:

For anyone who doesn't know already, Derek Vincent Smith also has a weekly hour long spot on SIRIUS RADIO called The Hot Sh*t. You can stream them and all the rest of his music at any time from Pretty Lights on Soundcloud

Stayed tuned for the post about the rest of the PLM crew's performances!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fresh Biz...

Well, after almost a two months of no worthy computer, no streaming access at the radio station, and the loss of my harddrive(RIP), Fix Your Face Radio is back in business!!!! Here's a brand new mix with a few tracks from various artists released in the last week, I hope you enjoy!!!
As some of you may know, I've got a new gig going with a new club in Grand Junction, Lotus Ultra Lounge. Super cool motif, badass patio, sweet open air rooftop patio for VIPs. Dope spot. Every Friday and Saturday night, I'm out there with the full on lazer bass setup. We bring in special guest DJs from out of town to support our house DJs Jettt, h3FF, and Johnny G,  and of course, myself: VJ Vertigo on the big screen throwin down an amazing light show. No holds barred, my light show will send an epileptic straight to the ER. No Joke. Come check it out :) 707 Horizon Dr.