Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pretty Lights: I would tattoo that shit on my face!

Its true. I love Pretty Lights. He's my favorite producer of all time. I love his music, his light shows, his record label, his business model, process, you name it, I love it. His brand new album, A Color Map of the Sun, dropped today. And its fucking awesome. He's had the preview of the album up on his soundcloud account for a while and I tried my best not to listen to it and wait until I could hear it on vinyl first, but today I broke down. I'm not sorry, only to myself for not breaking down earlier! I won't paraphrase the AMAZING documentary I watched made by Derek and his creative director/girlfriend Krystle Blackburn, but when you get some spare time, WATCH IT. It's truly amazing what he has put together. He worked with hundreds of different instruments and  musicians to create his very own samples pack pressed to vinyl. Genius.Did I mention that it's all recorded in ANALOG? Derek is a BEAST!!!

Being the obsessive nut that I am about Pretty Lights, I've seen most of the interviews he's done, this one here from the Steve Renman Show is one of the classiest, most informative interviews I've seen, def worth a watch if you love PL like I do. The new album is available for Pay-What-U-Can @

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