Friday, June 28, 2013

The 710 Cup Denver...Yummy

In the last ten years Denver has become a MECCA for marijuana advocates. What started with a few select Medical Marijuana Centers, RED cards, and a lengthy interview/doctor approval process; has now transformed in a hazy city with more pot dispensaries in the city than McDonalds and Starbucks combined. A midst the hype of the legalization, a new form of smoking the centuries old plant has also emerged. It's called "dabbing", and if you haven't heard about it, you are either living under a rock or in complete denial. What the hell is dabbing, you ask? In short, it's smoking the pure THC in oil or wax form that is extracted from the plant via butane(BHO). For a more in depth look at dabbing; it's dangers, and advantages, here is a link to a rather interesting and VERY informative article I just read this morning: 'Is "Dabbing" the new Crack of Pot?' This July, the new movement of the pot culture is gracing the Wright Group Events Center in downtown Denver with a new kind of Cannabis Cup.
    The 710 Cup is a competition, hosted by Grassroots CaliforniaHitman Glass, and, in search of the best THC concentrates with several categories including wax, shatter, edibles, and more. Think you got what it takes? If you got the dopest dope you ever smoked and want to enter in the 710 Cup, there's still time! July 3rd is the final cutoff for entries and you can get a form HERE.  The best part about stoner fests? LOTS of great music and amazing food. You know me, I'm in it for that wompy goodness :) I'll be there catching all the good vibes, interviewing whoever I can, and hopefully even melting some faces on a side stage Lucid Visions Video style :) Speaking of, if you haven't seen the new Lucid Summer Promo video, check it out here, if you like it - spread the love :) 

    I'm so excited about the lineup for the Cup! A LOT of homies on it, and quite a few peeps that have been on my list to see for a while! I'm mostly jazzed for M!NT, Fresh2Death, Krooked Drivers, Freddy Todd, OG Status, and all the Mile High Sound Movement cats like Cloud D, kLL sMTH, Late Night Radio, Unlimited Gravity, and Kruza Kid. I saw a few of them at Sonic Bloom, but unfortunately missed several of their sets, so I'm WAYYY stoked for a second chance so soon :) Here's a playlist I put together with a few tracks from each of my favorites on the lineup. Enjoy!! 

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