Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Show Reviews: Nightmares on Wax | Marvel Years w/ Jk Soul, Krooked Drivers and More

How was my week long Denver trip over Thanksgiving break, you ask? So fucking awesome, I decided to move there :) I can't lie, its been a long time coming. I always have such a great time and coming back to Junction is always so hard. Most everything has fallen into place at once, so I have finally decided jump in with both feet and head out there to chase the future.

Nightmares on Wax

The awesomeness started at the VERY special E-Tuesday at Cervantes presented by Sub.Mission. It was a dual venue show between the Masterpiece and The Otherside. It was the Nightmares on Wax debut in Colorado, and the vibes were flowing in the Ballroom for sure. He jumped around his whole catalog and touched on some of the finest tracks in his arsenal, and even played a couple of my favorite jams :) If you still haven't heard of this cat, educate yourself right meow!!


I caught up with another favorite artist, kLL sMTH, in The Otherside for the E-Tuesday weekly show. Something about his brand of gooey glitchy goodness that gives me the jitters!! I've been following him for a minute too. Here's an interview I did with him a few months back before the 710 Cup in Denver this summer.


Cory Wythe aka
Marvel Years
Mikey Thunder
The next night back at Cervantes Otherside was by far, the most fun I had all week!! Another solid event hosted by Mikey Thunder, the lineup was unreal. Marvel Years has been on my watchlist for a hot minute: he's young, but talented as fuck! You guys know I'm kinda obsessed with Krooked Drivers, so let me remind you: I found out about KD at Sonic Bloom Festival earlier this year after they were introduced during Mikey Thunder's set in his infamous "15 Minutes of Fame" spot where he showcases his new favorite up-n-comers. This night was no different. This time around, the artist DELUXE played the 15 minute spot, and KILLED it, so keep an eye on this cat :) I also did a pre-show artist interview with Mr. Bugatti who opened the night, and coincidentally, used to go to school in Grand Junction! He knew a slew of the same peeps as I do! Small Fucking World we live in :) And I gotta give Mad Props to Mikey Thunder, he brought over JK Soul all the way from Slovenia, and dude was a beast!! His set reminded me of the first time I saw Gramatik play: soulful, soothing, sexy smoothness.

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