Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snowball 2013? You Bet Your Sweet Ass

YEEEAAAAAYAARRRRRSS!! Year Three of the EPIC Music Adventure Party has finally released the last phase of the line-up!!!! I've been every year so far, last year with a press pass and got so close to MartyParty on stage I could smell him slayin the crowd with that gangster funk! I got a lot of amazing footage last year- check out my coverage here:

and the Fix Your Face Snowball Afterparty Show

This year the festival is being held in Winter Park, CO since the City of Avon finally gave in and said they couldn't handle it. I have mixed feelings about this, I had finally started to feel comfortable in the Vail area, met some cool people, and found the dope spots to hang after the festival in town. New Town, New Bars, New Cops, New Vibes. Plus, lodging in Denver might be too enticing pricewise to ignore, but we all remember the shuttle fiasco from last year. Could spell disaster for alot of people if they are not careful and don't plan ahead, but, with every year's mistakes comes new knowledge and ideas: I'm excited for the new experience! AND- This year proves to be just as awesome as the last two with a CRAZY SICK lineup!
Who will I be covering in particular this year you ask? Well if it's not painfully obvious...
  • Pretty Lights
  • STS9
  • Big Gigantic
  • Porter Robinson
  • Datsik
  • Flosstradamus
  • Zion I
  • Crizzly w/ Lil Flip
  • Michal Menert
  • Run DMT
  • The Floozies
  • ISHE
  • ChrisB.

And that's just who I'm excited to see!! My crew always ends up finding the dopest side shows at random times that straight melt faces. I REALLY hope the Afterparty scene is as hyphy as it was last year!
For now, check out the tracks I dug up on some of these cats. 

BOOM!!!. See all of you there FAM!!!! Stay Tuned to find out where Fix Your Face Radio will be covering AfterDark in Winter Park this year!!

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